About Octopus Digital

We are a modern web development agency specialized in creating beautiful, fast and responsive websites. We pride ourselves in being creative, knowledgeable and flexible. Our websites look great on any device, they are fast and accessible and most of all, purposeful.

Why do I need a modern website?

If your company isn’t seeing an increase in customers and you’re struggling to meet your goals, you may want to take a look at your most important marketing tool: your website.

Whether you have a website or not, it's important to consider whether it is attracting enough people, whether it's targeting the right people, and whether it presents the right information in the most optimal manner

What are the benefits?

Your website is most likely the first experience that potential customers have with your organization. It’s how they learn about your products or services, how they communicate with you, and how they decide whether or not to purchase your solution.

It takes just 0.2 seconds for a customer to make a decision about your website, 40% leave if it's not fast enough, 60% make a decision online about buying before they ever speak to you

How can we help?

Through our experience in the marketing and software development sector we can help you understand your requirements and help you improve your web presence.

We will help you to get the right content in the right place on the right site, and stay with you as your digital partner.

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Who are we?

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Ferencz Gábor

CEO, Software architect

Gabor has over 10 years of software development, project management and software architecture experience in various business sectors. He's an ultra runner, mountain climber and father in his other full time.

Ferencz Gábor

CEO, Software architect

"Strength through perseverance. Keep going until the job is done. And done right.”.

Vargyas Moni Lajos


Lajos is also a father of two, a man of many talents that range from painting to electronics. He can fix just about anything, and he's committed to fixing your digital presence.

Vargyas Moni Lajos



Digital vision

We want to bring the benefits of digital to you. We want to work with you to help you understand the power of a great brand, to help your customers find you quicker, interact with you better and stay with you longer.

We aim to do this by creating great user experiences, lightning fast websites and giving you better statistics about your users.

Creativity and Innovation

Your company innovates, creates new products, changes to meet market demand. Your web presence should reflect this. Your brand needs to shine through in everything that you do.

We can help you understand who your customers are through targeted analytics, help them find what they are looking for quicker. WE build flexible and elegant solutions that showcase who you are.

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